This Week on Shut Up, Weirdo: SHOUT OUT FRIDAY


Ever wanted to call in to a radio show and give a shout out to your pal Vinnie? FUCK YEAH YOU HAVE! How bout a shout out to cousin Carl, who’s locked up? FUCK YES! And don’t forget your Moms for giving birth to your stupid ass! HOLLA!!! Shit, while we are at it, let’s give a shout out to that delicious burger I had last night and those 4 drinks I had on Saturday that I almost puked up! WORD!!!!!!

This week, your favorite ladies are staying PUMPED AND POSITIVE AND ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME! SO CALL US (shout out to Verizon for not fixing the phones yet!!!) ON THE AIR AT 201-204-9368 (shout out to Skype for making this week’s show possible!!!) THIS FRIDAY, 6 TO 7 PM ET, AND SEND SOME OVER EXCITED AIRWAVE LOVE TO THOSE YOU HOLD DEAR. LISTEN AT WFMU 91.1 (NYC area) OR WFMU.ORG.

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