On Michelle Obama Referring to Herself as “Mom-In-Chief”


Call a woman a woman. A “mom” moniker is simply a result of some miraculous biology having taken place in her body (of which the design and function the mother had virtually NO say). I find it very dismissive and denigrating, even, to reduce a woman to a “mom”. I’m sure you disagree with me, but how many times do we feel we are “lifting up the status” of a man if we proudly, smugly, refer to him as a “DAD”? Really? Like, never. 

“Mom-in-Chief”? It’s one of the stupidest titles I’ve ever heard. Michelle Obama has a BA from PRINCETON and a law degree from HARVARD. But, now she’s “just a mom”. It’s nothing but insulting.

You know who’s not a “Mom-in-Chief”? Hillary Clinton. She’s a Woman. Yeah, she had a kid. So what. She’s a Woman.

You want to see woman “equal” and show evidence of your resulting position? Stop talking about women like they’re babies. Ask yourself, “If I was talking about a man right now, would this be cool?” and you’ll have your answer.